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LOZ Diamond Blocks KFC (1250 Pcs)Mini Building Blocks 9032

LOZ Diamond Blocks KFC (1250 Pcs)Mini Building Blocks 9032

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LOZ  Diamond Block Series KFC Mini Building Blocks 9032



Pieces: 1250pcs

Includes: Building Blocks, Paper instructions, Box

Playing LOZ mini building blocks can improve children's intelligence, imagination and creativity, they also help to improve special imagination and strategic idealisation for future's growing up.

Mini building block toys with unique design for enhancing assembly ability of the kids. It is challenging and fun. Get a block van for yourself and your love. Mini block toys have high quality plastic production, it make from non toxic ABS plastic and meet all safety standard.

Suitable for children over 14, teenagers and even adults.

Difficulty:  ★★★★★

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