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LOZ Accessories Bubble 816-2 (Blue Color)

LOZ Accessories Bubble 816-2 (Blue Color)

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LOZ Bubble it is a funny game Machine, suitable for children over 3, teenagers and even adults.

1. Battery Icon 
Battery installation: Load three 1.5V "AA" non-rechargeable batteries with correct polarity.

2. Fill with bubble water 

At the bottom of ther stopper (Open and fill with bubble water)

Installing bubble water:

Find the wayer inlet at the bottom of the bubble machine, open the glue plug and fill the bubble water, and then close the glue plug.

3. Switch button

Start/ Close the bubble machine: 

Flip the left button to activate, Turn the button to the right to close it.

4. Warm Prompt

After use, please wipe the bubble outlet with a dry cloth to avoid the nozzle clogging. 

Its come two color :- 

816-1 Pink Color 

816-2 Blue Color

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